What do industry partners offer?

Our industry partners contribute their own services and products to enhance Thunder for specific market segments. Industry partners add functionality to Thunder, provided that this functionality is useful for publishers and free of charge for unlimited time. They may also offer some premium functionality for a fee. Of course, publishers are free to decide if they want to use the functionality industry partners are offering – there are no obligations.

Why should industry partners join the Thunder Coalition?

The Thunder Coalition offers industry partners the opportunity to have their software or services used by many publishers. The industry partners may provide additional premium functionality which publishers might want to use and pay for. Please note that if a publisher decides to procure premium functionality from any industry partner, the Thunder Coalition is not involved. Any contract is established directly between the respective industry partner and the publisher.

Check out our Industry Partners and their products!


Valiton is a specialist in E-Commerce, technology development, individual software solutions, mobile apps and smart data. As a specialist IT-services provider the company focuses on creating tailor made solutions.


The Harbourmaster is a Single Sign-On solution, developed for the media industry by VALITON. The Harbourmaster contains a Policy Server, User Directory, Authentication Gateway and User Manager. As part of the Thunder distribution, the Harbourmaster Single Sign-On will be available by mid-2016 as a freemium version.


  • Cross Domain login / logout
  • Social login with Facebook, Twitter, Google and more
  • Authorization (Privileges and Roles)
  • Straight forward integration through JavaScript Widgets, Authentication Gateway (Reverse Proxy), Docker Container
  • API driven


  • More than two tenants (domains)
  • More than 10.000 registered users per tenant
  • Access Control (Paid Content)
  • Traffic Inflow control, e.g. traffic from search engines and social networks
  • Mobile App SDK

Understand your audience by creating fun and engaging quizzes, lists, and polls (as used by the BBC). Collect deep data to prove the ROI of your sponsored content while boosting ad revenue through better ad targeting.


A powerful business intelligence & engagement platform, use Riddle to gather detailed insights about your audience, unlimited leads and sign-ups, and monetize your traffic.


  • Create unlimited quizzes, lists, polls, and sentiment analysis widgets – in under 60 seconds
  • Customize the colors and fonts of each embed to seamlessly match your site's look and feel
  • Collect unlimited leads and sign ups via integrated forms
  • Directly all data integrate with MailChimp, or upload via a CSV file
  • Monetize your quizzes with your own ads


  • Remove Riddle branding and add your own logo
  • Multi-user team functionality – collaborate and edit Riddles together
  • Global style sheets – apply your preset color/font/CSS formatting with just a click

nexx.tv is a technical service provider in the field of digital media , which offers a wide range of solutions for content management, video distribution and multi-screen front-end development.


We create online video experiences. Anywhere, any time and on any device - A million times a day.


  • Full Video CMS nexxOMNIA
  • Up to 100.000 video playouts/month, respective streaming and 100 min transcoding of original files/month
  • Social Media Distribution
  • Analytics/Reporting
  • Customizable Video Player nexxPLAY (Flash/HTML5) incl. VAST/VPAID/VMAP for Ads


  • Doubled playout, streaming and transcoding volumes
  • Personal support 24/7 ticketing, 5hrs hotline support
  • More video playouts, transcoding & streaming/storage
  • Mobile video player SDK (iOS/android)
  • GeoDetection and Content Protection/DRM

Acquia is the digital experience company. Our digital innovation platform empowers market-leading enterprise organizations to move at the speed of the web, providing agility, integration and resiliency.

Want to join the Coalition?

If you think your software or service might be of interest to the Thunder Coalition, you are more than welcome to present it to the Thunder Core Team! Together we will discuss possible ideas for freemium und premium functionality and how to integrate your product into Thunder.