Makers365: New CTI with

Say hello to a new member of the Thunder Coalition: Makers365 is an US-based digital technology firm that uses Thunder to help publishing organizations worldwide elevate readership, content monetization, content quality and user experience. They operate in North America, Europe, and Australia.

What they say about themselves: "Makers365 has a track record of successful Drupal projects and has contributed modules and hours of development to the community since early versions of Drupal. Using a combination of methodologies (design thinking + agile + lean) and the best of open source, Makers365 lowers cost and time-to-market while delivering reliable and secure products."

Their first Thunder project was the website, a website which takes a unique take on modern publishing, according to own statement. wants to be a destination for readers who are tired of being sorted into verticals and are ready for an intuitive, story-driven environment. With the implementation of, Makers365 applied successfully as Certified Thunder Integrator (CTI).

Read the case study by Makers365's co-founder Juan Martinez here.