Quick start with thunderdemo.com

Setting up an environment to evaluate a product can be a daunting task for non-experts. The Thunder Core Team, our new Certified Thunder Integrator (CTI) MD Systems, platform.sh, and Microsoft Cloud Germany have therefore joined forces to solve this problem and launched thunderdemo.com, providing a free, simple and cloud-based trial of Thunder, regardless of your skill level. Simply fill out the form on thunderdemo.com and your own fully featured Thunder instance will be created with up to three environments.

Once you’re up and running we’ve lowered the barriers to getting started by guiding you through the process of content creation and publishing. Instead of a full admin interface you will see a simplified editor’s view, starting with a step-by-step tour. If you want to dig deeper into Thunder, you can log in with more permissions at any time.

As Thunder is continuously improved through collaboration in Open Source, the demo will always be updated to the latest release.

The cloud service provided by platform.sh is the perfect start for your project right up until public release. And it is built to stay: The demo instance starts with a free 30 day trial on the inexpensive development plan which can be scaled up in various levels for production use, including high availability. It is operated on Microsoft Azure and hosted in Germany.

Try thunderdemo.com