Split text paragraphs – contributed by kurier.at

With the latest Thunder release 8.2.12, we introduce a new functionality which was contributed by Austrian publisher kurier.at: the splitting of a text paragraph.


Split text paragraph

This functionality was introduced by Adam Zielinski, CTO at kurier.at, at the DrupalCon Vienna (watch the video of the session here or below). “Because we did not have to reinvent the wheel, we could do other cool stuff”, he explained – and described the idea behind the open-source CMS Thunder perfectly.

The team at kurier.at considered following situation: Editors write their article in a word processor and send it to others who insert it into the CMS. Copying the text multiple times to different paragraphs is rather time-consuming. With the new module you can easily split the text paragraph and add another paragraph to add a tweet, a gallery, or anything else in the middle.

At the moment, kurier.at is relaunching several of their websites: motor.at was launched in October, futurezone.at and kurier.at itself will follow during the next weeks. If you want to learn more about the digital transformation of the daily news publisher, watch this session given by Adam Zielinski and Martin Gaiger, CEO at kurier.at, at the first Thunder Day in Hamburg:

In the current release, we also fixed the lazy loading of galleries that are below the visible area and improved the liveblog integration. Additionally, PHP notices and unnecessary optional config installs have been removed. Besides, links that are not available for a role are not displayed anymore. Test coverage has been improved to also check for errors on installation. Download the latest release here.