Thunder 1.0 released

What you get with Thunder 1.0

On the occasion of the Thunder release, we would like to look back on what we have achieved. See some of the most important functionalities you get with installing Thunder:

  • Using Thunder saves you a lot of time: With the distribution, you get manifold base configurations for publishing. For instance, these contain a taxonomy for content categories, the content type article, some commonly used paragraphs, and roles for editorial staff.
  • Improved media handling: With the help of the media browser, it’s very easy to add pictures, galleries, or videos to your article. You can upload new pictures to the media browser by just dragging and dropping. The pictures are cropped automatically and with the focal point, you can define the important part of the picture, which should be visible in every layout.
  • Create articles dynamically with paragraphs: Using paragraphs, you can add text, pictures, videos, Instagram or Twitter cards to your article – and change the order by dragging and dropping the content wherever you like it. Thanks to a preview mode, you get a good idea of how your article will look like in the end.
  • Keep your users engaged: With Riddle, any editor can quickly create professional quizzes, polls, or personality tests. Publishers can use these to generate more traffic on their sites and to monetize this traffic with lead generation or selling sponsored quiz slots.
  • Multi-device video player: With the easy-to-embed media player nexxPLAY from, you get a powerful tool for video distribution. It enables live streaming as well as video-on-demand services for all relevant platforms. Plus, offers solutions for monetizing videos.
  • Single Sign-On solution: The Harbourmaster is a multi-site, multi-device Single Sign-On solution, developed for the media industry by our industry partner Valiton. The Harbourmaster contains a Policy Server, User Directory, Authentication Gateway, and User Manger.

Give it a try by installing Thunder now!

What we are working on now

So far so good – but of course, Thunder 1.0 is just the beginning. Currently, we are working on the next release, which will be ready for Drupal 8.3 and comes with new features. Get a sneak preview of some new functionality:

  • Responsive article preview: See how your article will look like on different screens and devices. With this tool, editors can check how their story appears on a smartphone as well as on a big screen.
  • Create a link for accessing unpublished content: With this tool, editors can share an unpublished article with other editors, interview partners, or advertisers.
  • Social media: With social media buttons from Shariff, users can share an article in their social networks. The solution enables the user to share content with one click but protects his privacy at the same time.
  • Improved media search: It will be easier to find already uploaded pictures or already created galleries.
  • “Save and continue editing” button: If editors need to work on an article for a long time, it’s wise to save it regularly. The new “Save and continue editing” button will allow you to save your article and remain in the editing mode.
  • Easy updates: We are working on an update checklist, which will help you update Thunder to the newest version without missing any of the now more than 70 modules.