Thunder Backstage - Christian Fritsch

Christian is one of the first developers who joined the team after Thunder was founded in 2016. He is an integral part of the ThunderCore team and is called “Gute Laune Boy” (“good mood boy”) by his colleagues. He always has a smile when explaining the world of Thunder, even to dummies. One of Christian’s special gifts is a reliable inner alarm clock which goes off at midday on the dot. The entire team trusts his inner clock and is never late for lunch.

Christian Fritsch

G: Christian, what is your role with Thunder?

C: The main thing is development. A 50/50 split between developing Thunder itself and developing DrupalCore. I am active in the media initiative and represent Thunder in the wider world e.g. at Drupal events. I am often a speaker at such events.


G: What do you like about your job?

C: Working with an awesome team. The work is very diverse and is never boring. New requests must be implemented each day. Travelling and working in the community with people from all over the world is a great deal of fun.


G: Have you made friends within the community?

C: It is often the same people you meet at events. We are happy to see each other again. There is great anticipation for the the meeting before each event. Yes, it is actually a type of friendship which has formed.


G: What was your favourite Thunder experience?

C: We sponsored a trivia night last year at the DrupalCon in Vienna. As Julia, our Community Manager, was called to the stage to say a few words, the audience starting clapping in unison and chanting “Thunder”. That was simply mind blowing!


G: What are you promising yourself with the upcoming Thunder Day in Berlin on 26th and 27th November?

With Thunder Day 2018 we are, in the truest sense of the world, taking things “to the next level”. In 2017 we were a little group consisting almost exclusively of Thunder users and lots of agencies. This year we are planning for three times as many participants and a richer programme which will even be split into two days. And we want to reach a lot more potential customers which of course will be particularly welcome news for our integrators.

Christian will of course be present at the Thunder Day 2018, listening at exciting sessions and will be available to answer any questions. You are more than welcome to meet and get to know him.


All information about Thunder Day can be found at


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