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Certified Thunder Integrators (CTIs) are IT consultancies, developers, agencies, and similar IT professionals with proven knowledge and practical experience in managing and implementing successful Thunder projects. They'll help you to implement your Thunder website.

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...with our Thunder Demo provides a free, simple and cloud-based trial of Thunder, developed by our partners MD Systems, Platform-as-a-Service provider and Microsoft Cloud Germany. This Thunder instance is made to stay: The demo instance starts with a free 30 days trial on the inexpensive development plan that can be scaled up in various levels for production use, including high availability. It is operated on Microsoft Azure and located in Germany.

...with a quick install on your desktop

  1. Download and install the Acquia Dev Desktop:
  2. Open the Acquia Dev Desktop. Click on “+“ and then on “New Drupal Site“.
  3. Find Thunder in the list and click on “Install“. You’ll be asked to fill a form with some data, but for testing Thunder just leave it as it is. Click “Finish” and Thunder will be downloaded to your system.
  4. After this process is finished, click on the link to the „Local site” and Thunder will open in your browser.
  5. The menu will navigate you through the installation process. Choose your language and click on “Save and continue”.
  6. In the next step, you can configure your installation: add a site name, your e-mail-address, a user name and a password. Click on “Save and continue”.
  7. Now you could choose additional modules, but for an easy start, we recommend using the default selection. Click on “Save and Continue” for the last time.
  8. You’re done! Your Thunder site opens and you can start the tour to show you around.