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Media Contact

Saki Athanassios Danoglidis
Arabellastrasse 23
81925 Munich

E-Mail: [email protected]
phone: +49 89 9250-3413


Drupal Mountain Camp 2019 Switzerland
The Drupal Mountain Camp Switzerland 2019 took place between the 7th and 10th March 2019 in Davos with the motto “Open Source on the top of the world”. Thunder was present enjoying the wonderful community, ample opportunities to network and the exceptionally well organised event. “The organisers really came up with something good: typically Swiss food, a sleigh ride and a delicious cheese fondue in the evening. Attention was also paid to the smallest details. Hats and lip balm were included in the giveaways, a must for the cold weather outside.” explains Karlo, Thunder’s project manager.
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Hello „KEY-TEC“ - our fourth new CTI this year
KEY-TEC GmbH & Co. KG is a long-established Drupal agency in Munich. They were among the first agencies to have used Drupal in the publishing industry and are constantly refining their knowledge. Among their media and publishing customers are Brockhaus, Burda, Franckh-Kosmos, Elsevier, Oldenbourg and the Konradin Mediengruppe. The majority of their developers have more than 10 years’ experience in developing Drupal projects enabling them to implement their technical requirements on time and within budget.
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Ramsalt also becomes a CTI member of the Thunder Coalition
The third CTI to be welcomed by us this year is called Ramsalt.
Ramsalt Media is a ready-to-go newspaper software built on top of Thunder. You can have a new online newspaper ready in a day. Use a standardised design which can be customised to your preferences or go for a full design process on top of their software. Modules are already in place for subscription, advertisement and producing printed copy online. Ramsalt helps you with the technology while you can focus on content.
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Factorial joins our CTI ranks
We are very happy to have added yet another CTI to our CTI list over the past few days. The new addition is called Factorial.

Factorial’s development studio is located in Hamburg and works hand in hand with agencies to create solutions for international brands. They focus on agile and lean processes to deliver the best solutions for their customer's complex needs. Founded in 2015 the team grew to 20+ highly skilled experts. Factorial obtained its Thunder certification with the project “schlagerplanet.de” which we would like to introduce here.
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