About eHealth Suisse

eHealth Suisse bundles all electronic health services together under the “eHealth” term as a competence and coordination centre of the confederation and cantons. With the help of electronic means, processes in healthcare are improved and the individuals and organisations involved are connected with each other. eHealth Suisse wishes in the future, using the electronic patient dossier, to digitally link healthcare facilities, healthcare professionals and private individuals. This shall involve the exchange of information along the treatment chain and the captured data being used multiple times.


The relentless digitalisation must be made transparent and understandable for everyone involved. In addition to classic printed products, the digital information platform has also been created with the purpose of informing the public and medical professionals about the possibilities offered by the planned patient dossier.


Informing and winning the trust of a heterogenous target group

Medical professionals, patients, government authorities and health institutions must be informed of the content tailored towards the respective target group. The goal in doing so is to foster trust that personal data is used in the cloud under the strictest guidelines and with utmost reliability.

Simple CMS for editorial staff

A CMS with an easily understood user interface is required to ensure that all information can be maintained and expanded at all times and without technical knowhow.

Media mix

The website needs to be interactive so that complex content can be presented and visualised. The incorporation of video, pictures, text and interactive graphics are indispensable for the presentation of information.

Multilingualism and accessibility

Due to the multilingual nature of the Swiss population, creating and running the content needs to occur in all four official languages and English. Special attention must go to accessibility so that more people are able to use the site without any difficulties.

Quick launch 

As the launch of the electronic patient dossier was already in progress, it was important to make the information platform available as soon as possible.

Expandability of the platform

Features such as event calendars, notification services or the ordering of information materials complement what the platform has to offer. Future enhancements such as an interactive knowledge check or an online magazine should be realisable based on the same technology and without unnecessary extra effort.



With the specially developed “Projektkompass”, NETNODE can structure, control and plan complex digital projects and implement them with its technological competence.

Thunder CMS

It quickly became clear that Thunder CMS was fundamentally able to fulfil all requirements for implementing the project due to its specialisation in editing systems and published content:

CMS optimised for the editorial department

Simple setup enables a rapid launch

Availability of multilingualism

Comprehensive media management

The system’s modularity enables the customer’s wishes to be realised quickly

Regular security updates guarantee seamless operation


The site went live after a five month conceptualisation phase and just four months of development following the initial kickoff meeting. 

In the first phases NETNODE analysed the existing information with respect to the target groups and conceptualised an implementation plan thereafter. Wireframes were designed for the information page and tested with 15 subjects before the design could be superimposed. 

NETNODE repeated the test with the test subjects in the development phase, using the actual website.  

Training was necessary after the roll-out and quality assurance in order to guarantee the use of the Thunder-interface and its scope of functions. In conclusion, the website’s usage statistics and newsletter registration were observed with the customer and its usability optimised.


As a result of this work, eHealth Suisse received an understandable and clearly laid out website as an information platform for the electronic patient dossier.  All necessary information was clearly and comprehensibly presented to the target groups so that a wide range of people could be reached through various communication channels, including radio and TV. 

Through the simple user interface and the resulting low training requirement, the focus of the editorial team could be placed on the content. The complex matters in the patient dossier were able to be published in a comprehensible manner in four languages at first, using interactive elements. The platform’s multilingual nature enabled the fifth language, Romansh, to be made available shortly after launch. 

Further features such as an interactive knowledge check are planned and can be rolled out step by step thanks to the platform’s architecture. 

And last but not least, the successful cooperation is completed by the certification as an accessible website in accordance with WCAG 2AA and applicable standards in Switzerland.

"I have already received compliments for the website which I would like to pass back to you!”

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“You are really a fantastic team and working with you has been a lot of fun. The skill and competence can be seen on all sides!”

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